About my experience as a photographer

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Graduated Architect and Urban Planner from São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, where from the beginning I had the opportunity of studying and developing my photography skills. Within the Department of Architecture, where throughout one year I have been the responsible for the amateur photography laboratory, and the USP Cultural Center, I have organized and taken part in several photography events and workshops, with important Brazilian professionals such as Emidio Luisi, Antonio Saggese e Haroldo Palo Jr.

After some time pursuing a personal language – a constant process – I began using photography as a tool to understand and represent the interrelationship between architecture, the cities where they stand and the people transiting through this whole system.

In 2008 I moved to Milan, Italy, where I came in touch with new learning possibilities and could explore in different ways how people interact with a different urban environment.

I have always liked to work as an amateur – using a noble meaning of the word: one who is fond of what he does – trying to get the maximum output from a minimum equipment, having at the same time, among other, a greater mobility and discretion.

Being an Architect, my professional production as a photographer consists mainly of photographing other colleagues’ works and activities, some of which already published.

As part of a digital workflow, I have a great experience with specific software, specially Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, as well as 360ºVR photo stitching.

To check out my complete curriculum as an Architect, please visit my LinkedIn profile.